Blogs are good. Who knew?

Late to the technology party as I am, I am having such a good time exploring this crazy newfangled blog thing on the internets.

Up til now I was pretty much limited to a few political blogs, and the guilty pleasure that is Pink is the New Blog. I assumed that personal blogs were just navel-gazing at best. At worst, they were an opportunity for people who had no business calling themselves writers to cheat real writers out of feeling special at cocktail parties.

I stand corrected, as you can see from my ever-growing link list.

If you've got a favorite momblog that I'm missing, don't be shy. I'm on the hunt and hungry for new meat. However fair warning, I'm not a fan of the whiny I-hate-my-husband blogs; the I'm-45-but-wanna-be-
a-homegirl blogs; or the Dear Diary blogs: Today I waited for the plumber for an hour. Then I ate some melba toast. Then I picked up Chloe at daycare and stopped at the Pathmark for more melba toast.

If you're already on my link list, it's my way of saying I wish your blog were mine.

Ass-kissing over for the day. Carry on.


Blogger GIRL'S GONE CHILD said...

Love back atcha. The whole mom blog thing has been really exciting for me, a lot more than I thought it would be. Too many great blogs to name here, but if you have time to explore my blogroll, I have linked to all of my favorite mom blogs. No melba toast here.

2/13/06, 11:03 PM  
Blogger Mom101 said...

GGC: done! Mwa.

2/14/06, 9:12 AM  
Blogger Bonnie said...

HI Liz,
It's been a long time, way before momhood. Your mom turned me on to your blog. I am in the beginning stages of mine and this is wonderful inspiration and a great way to meet your fantastic child. Love the photo as well. I missed seeing your mom on Friday. Tuvia fell on some black ice and has one arm in a sling. But we did spend a great Vday evening watching Audrey Hepburn's Sabrina and feasting on chocolates and champaign. So at least one out of two.
Hope we can hook up one of these days.
Keep the flow going,

2/18/06, 7:55 PM  

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